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Pool Renovation 2022/2023

Posted: September 26, 2022

Update 1

With the outdoor pool replacement project underway, as of August 2nd, PFCCA, INC. will provide updates to the progress of the pool for residents to view on our website! Check back often for new photos of each area of the pool and follow along at home.

Below are photos of different angles of the pool that you can view in your browser. We will continue to show photo updates as often as possible.

Update 2

Pool Replacement Update – End of week #1  08/08/2022

Progress report – most of the 1st week of the pool replacement project was spent gaining access into the pool by removing the wall nearest the main gate entrance.

Stone was then brought in to create a ramp into the pool so that the large equipment had access to the deep end wall.

After more stone was placed in the deep end to create a base for the equipment to work off of, portions of the deep end walls were then removed.  Those areas will eventually be pinned to minimize collapse areas while they are working in the deep end of the pool.

The removal of the old pool shell will be from the deep end out to the shallow end.

Update 3

Pool Replacement Update – End of week #2 08/13/2022

At the completion of the second full week of the pool renovation project, the soils were removed back to the pump hose wall.  The exposed wall will be replaced as it is leaning into the pump room.

The earth to the left and right of the pump room walls were secured with rebar and wire mesh, concrete, and then pinned to secure them.  There will be two other sections of concrete and pinning in the deep end as the work progresses.  This will provide a safe working area for the crew to form the pool and run the pool piping.  These secured areas will stay in place and add extra stability once the pool walls are formed and back filled.

This upcoming week, they will remove more of the deep section of the pool, and secure those sections.

Update 4

Pool Replacement Update – End of week # 3 08/23/2022

At the completion of the third week of progress at the pool, the site contractors were able to shore up and pin the second layer of wall. They also started removing the soils in the deep end of the pool in preparation of the third and final layer of shoring and pinning. That is scheduled for tomorrow or Thursday.

Once all three layers are pinned, the shell floor in the deep end will then be removed. They will then work their way out of the pool, removing the walls and floor in the shallow ends. Once the floor is removed, the contracted soil engineers can then start to perform their soil samples to check the integrity of the soils and if they are good or bad. Based on their results will determine if, and how much of the soils must be removed before a final grade can be done, and before building/compacting the base for the new pool.

The pool committee did meet with the pool contactor on Friday 8/19/22. They went over the details of the pool drawings and made some comments that will be implemented into the final drawings. Once they are returned for final review, the drawings will be reviewed and stamped with calculations attached. Once the final plans are stamped, they will use this to produce a rendering of what the pool looks like and we will post that for members to view. They are also close to a final rendering of what the splash pad will look like and the elements that will be placed within the pad area. After the committee signs off on those, they will be posted as well.

Update 5

Pool Replacement Update – End of week #4 08/27/2022

At the conclusion of this weeks work, all efforts were made to shore up the areas in preparation of removing the flooring in the deep end and start to work their way out into the shallow end.

As they remove the floor in the deep end, the soil engineers will be on site taking soil samples. Based on those results will provide us more clarity on the direction forward and how much, if any, of the existing soils will need to be removed before they can get to final grade. Once this is complete, then they can set their final bench marks.

Update 6

Pool Replacement Update – End of week #5 9/3/2022

The weather has been cooperating with the demolition of the pool. Most of the work this week focused on removing the walls in the shallow ends of the pool.

They will continue to remove the walls this coming week. Then the week of September 12th, all of the flooring will be removed and the soil testing will begin. They will also mark the exact location of the splash pad and start the excavation for that area.

Update 7

Pool Replacement Update – End of Week #6 9/10/2022

After the recent rains, the work this week will focus on the removal of the pool floor. As the floor is removed, our soil engineers will be testing the soil and will hopefully arrive at a good conclusion, meaning that they can set the depth of the floor. The soil test will tell us how much earth, if any, may need to be removed to set the final grade.

Then they can start to set the floor piping and form some of the rebar for the shape of the pool.

Update 8

Pool Replacement Update – End of Week #7 9/17/2022

The entire pool shell is now removed.

The right side of the shallow end soils have been certified by the soil engineer.

The left side and deep end have not been.

Those areas will be undercut as needed this coming week and then tested for certification.

Once they are certified, the stone base will be placed and then they will start to frame the new pool and place the ground piping.

Update 9

Pool Replacement Update – End of Week #8 9/24/2022

At the conclusion of this week’s work, the final grades were set in both shallow end areas. This is evident by the stone placement and the markings.

There is still a little more work to do in the deep end before the final grade and stone can be placed within the entire area. Some areas have been set in the deep end. The goal is to have that completely set by Tuesday or Wednesday of this coming week.

The corners of the pool area have been set in the shallow end in preparation of the piping and rebar framing to start taking shape. This is a great stage to be in for this project. This means that things are starting to be put back!!

The site work company will also start excavation of the splash pad area this coming week.

The site work company will also be working on the perimeter drain system that will capture any rain water sub surface and drain it away from the pool.

Update 10

Pool Replacement Update – End of Week #9 10/1/2022

The pool is starting to take shape.

All of the grading markers were hit.  The framing is being installed that will make support the concrete.

The piping for the pool was delivered on Friday.

The contractors also started the excavation of the splash pad area.

Next week they will continue with the framing and splash pad excavation

Update 11

Pool Replacement Update – End of Week #10 10/8/2022

This week’s work at the pool was focused on finishing the framing. One deep end wall needs to be completed.

You can also see in some of the photo’s where the mini excavator is placing corrugated pipe under the stone that will allow any water present to drain through the pipe and out away from the pool.

The zero entry area is now visible. This will allow for easier access into the pool versus traditional ladders or steps.  This is where the bench seat will be located.

Piping and then a lot of rebar will be placed in the next two weeks. There may be a chance to shotcrete the pool this season.

Work was also done on the splash pad area.

Update 12

Pool Replacement Update – End of Week #11 10/15/2022

They were able to complete the framing of the pool this week. They also started to wrap the framing in preparation of eventually spraying the shotcrete.


You will also see in the pictures that they have started to place the return lines. Those are the pipes sticking up out of the stone and capped. Those will get cut down once the shotcrete is sprayed.


They were able to place the two main drains in the deep end of the pool. The large black pipe sticking up out of the ground between the wood framing and the pump house is the line coming off of the drains, which will return into the building.


We are waiting on the pricing for the replacement wall of the pump room. Once the committee signs off on that change order, that wall will be removed and replaced. Then the remaining pipes can be run into the pump room.


Once the remaining floor return lines are placed, they will start to place the rebar in preparation of spraying the shotcrete. They have scheduled the concrete trucks for the first week of November.

Update 13

Pool Replacement Update – End of Week #12 10/22/2022

This past week’s worked consisted of finishing up the floor returns and then covering the lines back up with stone.  Those lines were then pressure tested to ensure that there were no leaks in the piping.  The system is holding air which is good.

They will complete the in pool plumbing and then move to the piping for the skimmers.  Those are the square boxes you see in all of the pictures.  Once all of the pool plumbing is completed, less the pump room, they will move on to the splash pad plumbing.

The metal rebar will be delivered this week in anticipation for them to start framing with it on the 31st.

Update 14

Pool Replacement Update – End of Week #13 10/29/2022

As you will see in the pictures, the steel tex – the orange colored fabric on the walls of the pool, was completed this past week.

The skimmers were also set in the boxes.

This week, they will be framing the pool with rebar in front of the steel tex that will allow them to shoot the concrete.

Once the rebar is set, it will be bonded per code by the electrician.

Update 15

Pool Replacement Update – End of Week #14 11/5/2022

We are almost ready to shoot some concrete!!

A you can see from the pictures, the rebar is almost complete.

It will be completed today, 11/4, then it will be inspected.

We are scheduled to start to receive our cement trucks on Monday, 11/7. There are 8 trucks a day for 5 days. That totals about 400 cu yards of material. The weather looks really good next  week for this application.

Outdoor Pool Update

Posted: June 23, 2022

Outdoor Pool Update

After soliciting bids for the replacement of the outdoor pool, and on a recommendation of the Ad-Hoc pool committee, the Board awarded all of the site work for the project to Papillon & Moyer, and the contract for the pool replacement to Vincent Pools at their monthly Board of Directors meeting on Friday June 17th, 2022.

In reviewing the references submitted with the bids, the committee also visited a site on top of Camelback Mountain in Tannersville, where Papillon & Moyer are working with Vincent Pools on an outdoor pool complex installation at Serenity Village. After the visit and walk through, it was apparent to the committee that the awarding of the bids should go to Papillon & Moyer and Vincent pools.

The contracted price for the site work and pool replacement came in at $2,165,820.68. This number does not take into consideration any bad soil issues that may be present once the old pool shell is removed, nor does it take into account of any change orders that may need to be implemented during a project of this scope and magnitude. Our estimated budget was $2,500,000.00. With the bids coming in where they did, we do have room for a contingency.

In looking at the length of this project (approximately 11 months), the Board has decided to use the Reserve and Operating accounts to fund this project in the initial phases. If any borrowing would be needed, that would be decided nearer the end of the project based off the levels of the Reserve and Operating accounts at that time.


Outdoor Pool Update

In addition, the committee recommended that the 1,200 sq. ft. splash pad be approved at a cost of $324,987.38. Funding for this part of the project comes directly from the Capital account, which is funded through property transfers.

Now that the contracts have been awarded, the process of permitting and other regulatory items can commence. Work on the project should start in mid-July. The target date for re-opening our newly enhanced amenity is Memorial Day weekend 2023. We will remain confident that we will meet that objective if factors beyond our control like weather and supply chain issues do not cause delays.

The Board and Management will continue to update the membership throughout the replacement project. Once an artist’s rendering of the complex is complete, we will share that as well.

This is going to be an exciting time for all of us as we go through this process, and we look forward to the re-opening of the pool complex in May of 2023.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

Dave Timko – CMCA, AMS

General Manager – PFCCA, Inc.